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Why hire an experienced consultant?

Choosing a consultant is a major investment in your organisation’s future. We suggest hiring an experienced consultant will make your choice of consultant both simpler and more effective. One source of experienced consultants are the members of the TEN network.

Members of the TEN network are all former third sector leaders with direct experience of managing charities and social enterprises through challenging times. We suggest that you engage an experienced consultant, a member of the Experience Network, using the framework offered below.

Why experience makes all the difference?

There are many consultants you could hire but what they offer is not the same.

There are many reasons why choosing an experienced consultant can deliver better results for you and your organisation:

Knowledgeable – experienced consultants know the sector’s challenges first hand as leaders and managers. Their consultancy within the sector keeps their knowledge refreshed and up to date.

Good reputation – your Board, your colleagues and your stakeholders may need a good deal of persuading to absorb new insights and make necessary changes. An experienced consultant brings recognition, credibility and objectivity to those you must influence.

Practical approach – an experienced consultant is able to help you shape the consultancy brief more realistically, so that the consultancy delivers what you need when you need it.

Geared to supporting any necessary change – experienced consultants focus on the task whilst understanding the wider context. Their hands-on experience means that they are able to recognise patterns, anticipate pivotal moments of change and help you take opportunities to position your organisation favourably for a sustainable future.

Value based approach – shaped by their work as a leader, an experienced consultant brings a commitment to the values of the sector – equal opportunities, inclusiveness, social justice, sustainability – and a grounded understanding of the importance of those values in gaining ownership of proposals.

Skilled – an experienced consultant brings a range of specialist skills together with a grounded understanding of good process, consultation and decision making.

Creative – an experienced consultant works with you to establish new or different ways of doing things, engaging key partners, and helps to attract additional resources.

Quality results – an experienced consultant has a proven track record. Such a consultant is committed to providing advice and support and accessible reports that accelerate your ability to take action and implement.

Value for money – because the experienced consultant brings all these qualities, the experienced consultant offers excellent value for money as a trusted adviser and support.

Why not use The Experience Network website to identify those consultants who are best placed to help you and your organisation?


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